​DRIVING WITH THE BRAKES ON is about understanding the abilities we have as spirits and how they have been obscured or forgotten. It invites readers to begin (or continue) their own spiritual quest, and to explore and expand their own consciousness by reaching into new areas of possibility. 

Driving with the Brakes On also describes how we are often intentionally steered off our paths into other directions by mechanisms in our current society, and how we unwittingly contribute to this. In many cases, we have gone far off our paths and become trapped by simply not being aware of how we created this outcome. Bill Murphy shows how to be conscious of and avoid these pitfalls as we move through life and how to reorient ourselves into living as we intended and stop "driving with the brakes on."

In addition this book covers:  

  • Ways to increase love and appreciation of yourself and trust in your abilities  
  • How to see and get rid of negative energy 
  • Ways to cultivate and strengthen appreciation and love for others (even people you might not like)  
  • How to steer yourself back onto a path you choose.  


"The basic definition of Law of Attraction 
states that energy attracts to itself other energy 
with which it’s in vibrational resonance with. 
Both the nonphysical and physical aspects of our Universe 
are made up of energy and intelligence that vibrates. Nothing rests. 
The difference between the physical and the nonphysical is the rate of vibration."
~ Sandy Bidinger

Release the Brakes; You're Now in Control
William is a thoughtful story teller which makes the reading of his book Driving With The Brakes On a very pleasant experience. This book is more of a guide for our walk through the experience of life and how to negotiate it's many twists and turns in a more graceful and easy way. His "theme" of changing "thought structures" carries through every aspect of the book and it provides useful tools to aid in replacing the "structures" that have complicated our lives with new ones for negotiating a more productive life. William shares a lot of his experiences which gives the book a personal nature. It is a warm and friendly read.

~ Carl Bozeman, author of  the Amazon Bestseller, On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose,
Are You Listening? Addressing the Divine Within & On Human Being - Loving and Living Without Purpose

Our Own Worst Enemy 
Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy without even realizing it. I loved Murphy's book because he pointed that out for me and helped me to become aware of how I was stopping myself from moving forward. It's filled with great information and insight.

~Jean Adrienne, author of the Amazon Bestseller, Power Tools

Very good read. 
The author shows how the world around us is created by dogmas, biases, and beliefs of those who came to this world before us and how that shapes, and ultimately, limits our experience. He shows how our perception of the world, based on our limited or dogmatic beliefs, hides the real wonder of the world, and how powerful we all really are. Great ideas and insights.

~ J. Thomas

Personally Empowering!
Be prepared to reconsider your commonly held beliefs about your life and the realities that you thought you knew. Consider the possibility that there may be much more essence to your existence than you ever thought possible. This is a captivating read that challenges many traditionally held religious beliefs and presents a thought-provoking case for self-awareness and personal empowerment. Author, Bill Murphy takes the concepts and teachings of `Law of Attraction' to an entirely new level in his amazing literary debut.

“There are only two ways to live your life; one is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”   —Albert Einstein 
By changing some of the more outlying beliefs, you can begin to change the underlying belief. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said in a televised lecture I was watching, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is totally true. If you have beliefs that are opposing each other, the result is usually no progress—or negative progress—in that area. It is also possible you don’t realize they are there opposing each other. 

Here’s an exercise to try: (Keep this very simple.)

  • Find an area that you have been working on for a time with no real progress. Look and see if there are some underlying beliefs conflicting with what you are trying to accomplish in that area. What instantly comes to mind is probably the most accurate.
  • List out any steps you have taken to resolve those issues.
  • Look for ideas or beliefs you have that conflict with the steps that were supposed to resolve these issues.
  • See what part you played in creating the circumstance where the belief won. Realize that what you believe and expect will make it happen. Be glad it works this way because that means you can undo it!
  • Find some points you can see that can be changed, and began looking at it differently. This can be a little at a time. Look at what you can do to change the outcome.
This is not a scientific journal trying to prove anything or convince. It is intended to be a catalyst for us to expand our thoughts, concepts, and questions about what is possible, what actually exists, and what is an illusion. We have been taught to rule many things out, to disregard perceptions outside the five senses lest we be considered weird, unbalanced, or other such labels. We can rethink what's possible. The things in this book have happened. Many times the beliefs we've become comfortable with don't easily allow the expansion of our thoughts and abilities beyond what our society deems "normal." This model is the exact thing restricting us from considering broader possibilities and perceptions. There are fantastic things that have happened and are happening all the time. You can expand your viewpoint of what's possible, reach into those areas you are curious about, and do some reading about them. This will stretch your boundaries.

We frequently become tightly defined by our environments, material possessions, education, or family. But what if all that was incidental and contained a significant amount of misdirection and untruth? There are several main intentions of this book, and one of the first is to invite you to look beyond this physical plane and reconnect to your essence. It is an invitation to expand our concepts of who we are and where we're going.

The next part of this book will show how we are being steered in our daily lives and how we set up thought patterns that continue to steer us along paths we may not have selected. We can also be unaware that we are doing this or how these things came to be. This concept called "thought structures" lays out how we can easily wind up "driving with the brakes on" in our lives, hence the title.

The thought structures concept will be woven throughout the book to give examples of these and how we can see them as they begin to happen. This makes it less likely we will become steered onto paths we don't want as we go forward into our futures. We will see how we have set out on our own courses or paths in ways that may be entirely off what we had originally intended when we came into physical form.

Next we will explore what science has discovered about how decisions and beliefs we create affect us and others on both microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. We will also look at how different types of energies and communications can impact the way in which we evolve on our life's path.

Finally, we will examine a few ways to get back on track and become more aligned with where we want to go, who we want to be, and become aware of how to get there. It's a book about our voyage in the physical and how we can get more out of it.

Let's start with this truth: you are sacred and have incredible value.
Bill Murphy has always been interested in the spirit, where we go after death, and under what circumstances we decide to come back. For nearly 40 years he has been driven by a strong curiosity to learn all he can about the spirit and our spiritual paths. This search has led him in many directions and seeking many different experiences. He has continued to read and explore numerous energy healing, spiritual, and metaphysical subjects over the years. Additionally, he has made his own observations and relied on his own experiences in his continuing quest for answers to the spiritual questions of life.

Currently he lives near Sedona, Arizona and is continuing his spiritual journey, writing as he goes along.